The past week has been pretty quiet here.  It’s been spent tying up lose ends and getting everything prepared for Tyler’s Medical and Interview.

The Montreal embassy offers a few different doctor options (based on location) for getting your medical.  These are the US Dept. of State approved physicians.  You must pick from the list they offer.  The price is roughly the same ranging from $250-$350.


Dr. Gulzar Cheema 7170 – 120th Street Surrey, BC V3W 3M8 Tel: 604-597-6887 Email: Website:


Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas Clairhurst Medical Centre 1466 Bathurst Street (at St Clair), Suite 305 Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3S3 Tel: 416-960-1014 Fax: 866-259-7220 Website:

Dr. Randall T. Lee 2901 Lawrence Ave., East, Suite 201 Scarborough, On M1P 2T4 Tel: 416-266-4543

Dr. Ian Zatzman 955 Major MacKenzie Dr., West Suite 208 Vaughan, On L6A 4P9 Tel: 289-553-7711 Fax: 289-553-7722 Website:


Medisys Corporate Health LP 500 Sherbrooke St., West #1100 Montreal, QC H3A 3C6 Tel: 514-499-2777 ext. 3500 Tel: 1-800-499-1394 ext. 3500

Tyler chose to go with Medisys in Quebec. When calling to make an appointment you will need to have your interview already scheduled and date in hand as they will want to confirm enough time to prepare medical results. They requested 5 passport style photos which is actually one more than the packet 4 instructions say. But each physician may have their own additional requests.  I’ve read that the medical takes maybe between 20-25 minutes once you are seen – that the longest time is the time spent in the waiting room which comes to absolutely no surprise to anyone who has ever seen a doctor before.

this space left in place to medical appointment review. I will return to this blog entry after the September 25th medical appointment.

Additionally, Tyler requested his Certificate of Conduct from RNC . This is the same as a police report. You could essentially get this at any local police station, but for Newfoundland that essentially IS the local police.  Because he has no prior convictions or blights on his police record, he doesn’t have to get court records.  If he HAD to, he would have gone to the Provincial court of Canada website to request that information.

Side note: If the foreign fiance has committed any crime which is considered a felony in the US it will make immigration a bit more difficult. Whether or not it is impossible is up to the Embassy, but this is one of those cases when a lawyer is a must.  Even if the interview goes well and a k1 is granted, adjusting to a green card may prove difficult and costly.

Tyler also request his official military records from the Canadian Armed Forces in Quebec. Doing this kind of kills two birds with one stone as it will also get his medical records and shot history which he would otherwise have to request from another institution. In the US we can contact either our local health department or the Center for Disease Control to get our records. In Canada you generally contact the Ministry of Public Health for your territory.

The Physician performing your medical will need your shot records, and you need to have a copy for yourself for after immigration during Adjustment of Status stage.

Aside:  The next blog I post is going to have a breakdown in terms of time and cost expenses associated with what we have completed so far to get a better snapshot of this process.


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