Long overdue

First, I need to apologize for how long it has taken me to update.  Last I wrote, Tyler had received his Visa package in the mail and we were solidifying plans for him to  move here.  As an update, he is living here now and we married December 12, 2015. We’re not in the process … More Long overdue


A new journey begins (aka VISA APPROVED)

Tyler’s interview was today and I’m trying really hard to actually write something intelligible rather than: OMG OMG OMG WE ARE APPROVED!!!111111111one but it’s not working, so use the above as an actual indication that it went well and hold tight for a review. Also, I’m putting together the review/experience with the medical examination and … More A new journey begins (aka VISA APPROVED)


From the time I started blogging until now I’ve had over 530 views from 215 unique visitors.  I’m truly humbled that people have been taking this journey with me and have a real interest in reading my entries.  I’m the most thrilled that through blogging my experience I may have helped others on their immigration … More Humility

Dollar Signs

All has been quiet here the last few days.  We’re just been waiting for Tyler to go to his medical appointment and then his interview.  We’ve done all that we can in the meantime to prepare.  For the most part, this first chapter of the journey is completed. I really don’t have much in the … More Dollar Signs


The past week has been pretty quiet here.  It’s been spent tying up lose ends and getting everything prepared for Tyler’s Medical and Interview. The Montreal embassy offers a few different doctor options (based on location) for getting your medical.  These are the US Dept. of State approved physicians.  You must pick from the list they … More Interlude

Can’t keep up.

Sorry for being remiss in updating. I was in Portland, Oregon for work. However, while I was there I took a minute to call the NVC for a status update on my case.  After 45 mintutes of calling over and over and then waiting for a rep, I was told my case was sent to … More Can’t keep up.