Have I found what I truly enjoy?

That’s a pretty loaded question.  I’ve been in the engineering field for 9 years now working as a Project manager & physicist. This is never the field I thought I would end up in. I had all the same dreams as any little girl; I’ll be a veterinarian, a fashion model, a designer, a teacher. It wasn’t until I finished with an undergraduate degree did I realize that I had no clue whatsoever what I was doing and I really didn’t have any more time left to figure it out.

I ended up here in the company I am with now because it was work I have educational experience with and I’m good at my job. The pay and benefits are a plus 😛 Overall I’m happy where I am. But this is not a field that I feel that I’m in my last steps of my career. I still feel like there is part of me that hasn’t settled into it because it’s not entirely where I should be.  It wasn’t until I started this Visa process as well as this blog that I started to notice how much I’ve actually enjoyed researching how to do this as well as help others and research for them.  I feel the happiest when I’m doing that, when I’m helping people and providing a tangible good to another person who is just as confused or overwhelmed by the process – and especially the ones who are the beneficiaries who either don’t speak enough English to know how to research or are too intimidated to do so.  I’m flirting right now with the idea of maybe going back to school for immigration law.  I don’t want to be a lawyer at all, but I want to be qualified to truly help others and turn something that has become my passion into my career. I feel like I have finally found “my calling.”

Enough about that though.  I’ve decided to compile a link list of different Embassy packet 3s as well as instructions for them. This of course will be a huge work in progress as there are so very many Embassies in the world. I anticipate a lot of it will be out of order while I link them as I go.  Please understand that I will update this as I find information. Some embassy’s are just so aloof in what they require. Also please be aware that I’m not a professional (yet :)) so take any information I give as pointers knowing that you will need to make sure what you’re doing is correct.


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