Dollar Signs

All has been quiet here the last few days.  We’re just been waiting for Tyler to go to his medical appointment and then his interview.  We’ve done all that we can in the meantime to prepare.  For the most part, this first chapter of the journey is completed.

I really don’t have much in the manner of information to blog about. I’ve been enjoying helping others get the information they need.  My parents and img_13341coworkers are constantly picking at me about how much I research and analyse things.  But really in the end it’s proved a invaluable personality trait to have. Having open eyes about your entire process is an exercise in avoiding frustration and confusion as well as surprises later on. Some say I’m neurotic, but I’ve managed to get through this process with Tyler with absolutely no hiccups.I don’t really think that is pure luck as much as it was careful planning and researching everything.  This isn’t the most straight forward process sometimes. The answers are out there, but can take a bit of effort to find them and apply the correct one.

One of the most important things to know ahead of time is how much of a financial burden this is going to be on you.  While it really should have no influence on whether or not you decide to go through with immigrating to the US, it’s imperative that you can truly afford at the time of application.  I believe that love comes first, but not at the price of food and shelter.

I decided to break down a typical cost of the process from the I-129F petition to the AOS.  That’s just a portion of the costs associated as there are many more associated once you or your fiance enters the US and must then adjust to a green card holder.  I’ll add those at a later time, but it requires me to do a bit more research 😉

The breakdown will be static costs (including a placeholder for medical even though all countries are different in prices) and then incidental costs which were associated with my case but maybe not yours:

Static Costs:

I-129F Petition for K1: $340

Medical Examination: $300

DS-160 Visa Fee: $265

I-485 Biometrics (Adjustment of Status once married): $985

EAD (employment authorization): free if you have already filed an I-485, otherwise $380

Advanced Parole (if you want to leave US to travel prior to filing AOS or while a green card is pending): free if you have already filed an I-495, otherwise $360 

Total for static costs if all options for free filing are used (excluding incidentals): ~ $1,890

Our Costs so far (including anticipated):

I-129F: $340

DS-160 Visa Fee: $265

Flight to Montreal for Medical: $400

Medical: $300

Flight to Montreal for interview: $400

My Flight to Nova Scotia to help Tyler move: $250

Anticipated moving costs: $300

Marriage license: $33

AOS/EAD/AP applying at one time to avoid extra fees: $985

Our total costs excluding any additional costs such as removing conditions, etc.: $3,273

As you can see, our journey has been costly. Fortunately, I knew about this a year ago and have had time to plan for it the best I could.  This is where researching is really beneficial rather than jumping blindly into it. While all the information is there on the government websites for you, there is nothing there that tells you step by step what to expect or what to do.  It’s up to you to figure that out.


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