Can’t keep up.

Sorry for being remiss in updating. I was in Portland, Oregon for work.

However, while I was there I took a minute to call the NVC for a status update on my case.  After 45 mintutes of calling over and over and then waiting for a rep, I was told my case was sent to the embassy (Montreal). I asked for my case number and I was given 3 different numbers.  They are important so make sure you ask for them when you do get through and your case is assigned a number. Also ask for the embassy just in case you don’t already know.

I called the following number: (603) 334-0700  Just a note:  this number is considered the immigration visa line.  Even though K1 is a non-immigrant Visa, you still need to call the immigrant visa line.

When you call you may be told to call back later.  Just be patient and keep calling back until you are put through to a representative.  They will ask for your NOA1 receipt number from the USCIS. They will either tell you that your case is there or that it’s not yet available.

When you get through to a case expert they will give you the following sets of numbers:

  • Case #
  • Invoice #
  • Beneficiary ID #

All off these numbers are important, so make sure you take them down and store them in a safe place for later.

A few minutes ago I went to the CEAC website:

From there I clicked on “Check my visa application status” under the non immigrant visa section.ceac


The next screen will pop up asking you to pick from non immigrant or immigrant visa. Select immigrant and input your case number.  Next a popup will come up to give you a status about your case.  As you can see , mine is ready for interview.

What that really means is that it’s time for Tyler and I to fill out the DS – 160 and electronically file packet 3. So we will be doing that tonight.

I’ll touch base tomorrow!



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