Montreal Visa Application

I had an interesting experience with the Embassy last week.  Before checking the CEAC website, I emailed the Montreal Embassy asking for information on my case. A representative responded that my case had not yet made it there.  I replied that the CEAC website said it had.  The rep then told me it was a “glitch.” I got a good chuckle out of that.  I’ve read on other sites before how even though the case is at the Montreal Embassy, they are notorious for saying it is still in transit even though the CEAC status says otherwise.  It’s highly unlikely that it would be a glitch and more likely that the rep just couldn’t find it and gave generic information – kinda like the USCIS. 😛

At any rate, Tyler and I sat down last night and filled out the electronic I-160.  You do so by going to and clicking on the Non-immigrant Visa I-160 link.  You will need your invoice # and your case number which you previously got from the NVC  See this post. Additionally, the beneficiary needs his/her passport and family demographic information ready.  If at any point you need to gather more information during filling out the electronic application, you can save your progress and come back to it later.  The website will provide you with and application number and some security questions so that you may come back to it.

The application will require the beneficiary to upload a passport style photo.  You can scan the photo you sent during the I-129F or have another one taken.  If the beneficiary (or someone near by) is handy with a camera, he/she can take a picture and use the photo tool program, which is provided with the application, to assist in cropping the image.  All the same requirements for a passport photo apply here: White background, no glasses, no hats, neutral expression, relatively high quality photo that is accurate to how the beneficiary looks now.

I actually took a photo of the passport photo of Tyler since I didn’t have my scanner handy.  My camera has a pretty high resolution options so it took really well and didn’t even look like it was a picture of a picture.

Once you get your photo squared away you will go to a review portion.  You want to review your application. Review it twice or three times.  You’ve waited probably 5-7 months already so there’s no point in speeding through this process.  Then you will submit the application and get a confirmation page.  You will want to have that page emailed to you or whomever is assembling the packet 3.

NOTE: this next area is for the Montreal Embassy only.  I do not know how other embassies work. Each one is different.

Packet 3 for the Montreal Embassy:

After completing the visa application, I had the Tyler email me and himself the confirmation page.  This page is very important because it’s one of the requirements to electronically submit Packet 3.  The Embassy will want a copy of this confirmation page along with additional information<click for pdf of packet 3 requirements.

Montreal Embassy Requirements:

Confirmation page – this page is the final page which has the picture of the beneficiary along with his/her biographical information. On this page there is a barcode to the top right as well as below the biographic information.  It’s very important that the confirmation page you send to the embassy has this barcode on it. (example below)

Checklist – in the link I posted above there is a checklist. This is a list of things which the beneficiary will be required to bring to the interview.  Some of it isn’t applicable.  You may not have a marriage/divorce certificate and you may not have any court records adoption records etc.  The rest of the information is pretty standard as well as required.  I will blog about a breakdown of this information at a later date.  Though I didn’t physically have all this information in front of me such as Tyler’s Police or Military records, I checked it anyway as I know he will get them when he returns home.  You want to either check off the items or write N/A to the ones which do not apply to your case.  The beneficiary must then sign and date the bottom as well as list the case number provided by the NVC or the embassy if you contacted them.

Color Copy of Beneficiary’s (Applicants) Passport – This is generally the second page of the passport which has the photo and all biographical information.  This copy must be in color.  Again, you can take a picture of it if your camera has a nice resolution. You must show both the biographical page of you passport as well as the signature page above (or to the right, sometimes page 3).

Once you have all of these items scanned and in pdf form, you want to combine into one document following the order above and save the file as:

[case number]  – DS-160 CEAC # [barcode number]

Example: MTL2015810021 – DS-160 CEAC # AA003GU160

This is also going to be the subject of the email you send to the embassy.

You will send your saved PDF to the following email: MONTREAL-IV-DV@STATE.GOV

In the Subject of your email you MUST type the same information I instructed you to name your file as:

[case number]  – DS-160 CEAC # [barcode number]

Example: MTL2015810021 – DS-160 CEAC # AA003GU160

This information is also listed in the instructions portion of the packet 3 link

You may wish to type into the body of the email that you would prefer all future correspondences to be via email, and include the preferred email address. It’s recommended to email the embassy WITH your preferred email.

After you send your packet 3 through email you should get a confirmation email.  If you do not get a confirmation email, check that you didn’t mistype the email address.

AAANNNND you’re done. Visa application is in and packet 3 sent. You will just need to wait for your packet 4 to be sent to your from the embassy.



3 thoughts on “Montreal Visa Application

  1. Hello! I had found your site to be helpful to what we are currently processing with my fiance. Our application had also been sent to the US consulate in Montreal and we are awaiting our packet 3 letter from them. I had sent an email to the embassy to inquire if they had already received and logged our application. I am confused as to how to send our packet 3 – is it via email or is it through regular post? Thank you.

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  2. Your packet 3 will be sent to the Montreal embassy via e-mail. It will contain the confirmation page of you DS-160 as well as a check list that you have the items which you are required to furnish at your interview. If you read towards the end of this particular blog post it talks about how to prepare your packet 3 in pretty explicit detail. Additionally, please visit this link for the instructions for preparing your packet 3 and where to send it:


  3. Thank you. I have received an email from the US consulate already but they had required me to submit proof of my status in Canada when I had inquired about our application and about packet 3. Good luck on your scheduled interview. Will read more of your updates then.

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