An Immigration Story…

In this life, we have these preconceived notions of meeting a perfect partner and how each step in the relationship progress will go. We meet up, exchange a number, go on a few dates, and flood our social media pages with endless pictures and love notes. We get the chance to experience the ups and downs of a budding romance and ultimately the fork of either success or breakup.

But what happens when you fall in love with someone you haven’t even touched, haven’t had a first date, a second, or even a small lovers spat? What’s more; what are the chances of long distance relationship working with someone from another country? And if you do find success, then what? You spend countless amounts of hours and money trying to keep this relationship fed and alive while you figure out the logistics of long term.  Will you move to be with them, or they with you? What if this and what if that? Better get a lawyer; better find a new job, hopefully you can go to school and support a family. The typical…

The typical?

Nothing is typical about the process of immigration other than you’re lucky enough to experience the same social dilemmas as anyone else. Your friends will tell you you’re making a bad decision, your family will ask you why “so and so” isn’t a better choice, your work will grow frustrated with you and your relationship will suffer. But couple that with not being able to sit face to face with your significant other and then staring at the daunting list of immigration forms and hoops you must now jump through. This process is a huge test of will especially for someone who doesn’t entirely understand the ins and outs of immigration.  Our knee jerk reaction is $$$gotta get a lawyer$$$. Panic ensues and we begin doubting if it’s even a good idea anymore after passing our tenth finger counting the thousands of dollars we assume it will cost.

I don’t have any good news for you.  It’s tough. It’s a long processes. It’s frustrating. It’s frightening, and it really takes a toll on your reservation.

That’s why I decided to blog my experience from start to finish in the hopes that others can read my progress and both learn from it and relate.  We certainly aren’t alone.  There are thousands of others who are in the same boat as you and I. Some of these will never make it to the end and others will speed past us. No matter how we do it we’re bound to get to the finish line one way or another.

I’m by no standard an expert on immigration. In fact my knowledge is very limited to a K1 Visa at this moment. But so far my knowledge and research has provided me with a very smooth lawyer-less ride and I feel compelled to help anyone else on their journey as well.  So with that, Hello World 🙂


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